After #PokemonGo #Prisma is the next big thing that happened to internet.
Some people are saying #Prisma photo app will be the next #DubsMash.
Some are saying the prisma filters are way better than the #Instagram filters.

It is an app developed in Russia. By using the Prisma camera app anyone can become a great artist like #Picaso. Gone are the days when people thoght that recreating a professional painter’s work is impossible. Prisma app transforms your photos to look like paintings by famous artists.

The Prisma app uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intellegence, It scans the data to apply the style unlike instagram which just filters the image.
Prisma also confirmed that they gonna launch Prisma Videos in the app soon.

1. Not available on Android yet: This app is only available on iOS right now. An Android version of Prisma will come soon, according to Prisma.AI’s Facebook page.

2. May encounter a few server-down errors: According to its Facebook page, Prisma has “became the most downloaded app in 10 countries within nine days”. Due to increased load on its server, you might face a few server-down errors.

Alia bhatt also used the prisma app

alia bhatt

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