What are the pros and cons of using WordPress vs Blogger?

Blogger Vs WordPress


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If you are planning to write a blog of your own, there are a lot of platforms on which you can start your own blog. Some of the major platforms are –

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Posterous
  5. LiveJournal
  6. Xanga
  7. TypePad

Among all this platforms WordPress and Blogger are the most famous blogging platforms used by the bloggers across the world.

There is always a constant argument that, which platform is best? Blogger or WordPress? People who do casual blogging prefers to blogger while the professional bloggers generally pick WordPress. My personal favorite is WordPress and that’s what I advise you to use.

Let’s discuss the Blogger first –

  • Blogger is free. You don’t need to pat anything to publish a blog on blogger.
  • Blogger is owned by GOOGLE. So you can easily connect blogger with all other services provided by GOOGLE, like AdSense.
  • Since blogger is free and it is owned by Google, you don’t have much control over your own blog. Even you are not able to use your own domain name. You have to use a sub domain with blogspot.com as extension.
  • Google can shut down your blog any time.
  • Appearance of blogger blogs is very simple and Limited.
  • Blogger can’t provide you with additional tools and plugins for modify and adding new features to the blog.
  • Moving your blog from blogger to other platform is a very complicated task, and you can also lose all your SEO.
  • Since blogger is owned by Google, you don’t need to worry about hacking and all those stuffs.
  • The support provided by blogger is limited to forums and there is no direct support from blogger’s team.
  • The future of Blogger can’t seen very bright as Google is known for killing its other popular services and has not launched any update since a very long time.
  • Blogger don’t provide any access to FTP to upload your files.
  • Yes, you can earn money using blogger. By monetizing it with an AdWord account.
  • You can’t do much with SEO Optimization.
  • User can add media files to the blog post.
  • Mobile application of blogger is also available provide you better connectivity and ease of use.

Ok, enough of blogger. Let’s jump to WordPress. WordPress is like a heaven for commercial bloggers. Some of the features of WordPress are as follows –

  • WordPress blogs can be hosted on wordpress platform provided by wordpress.com or also can be self hosted.
  • If you are hosting a wordpress site by help of a wordpress service provider then you are the owner of that site, not wordpress. You will have all the control over the site.
  • WordPress is open source, so user can remodel its blog by adding and removing features and plugins.
  • If in future user want to change his hosting provider then user can easily migrate the data without any hassle.
  • There are thousands of WordPress themes including the free ones and premium ones. So you can use these themes and can customize your blog however you want.
  • Security is responsibility of the user.
  • There are a lot of forums and communities where you can get wordpress support.
  • Since the control is to the user. User doesn’t need to worry about the fate of the blog.
  • You can register your own domain.
  • If you are using a self hosted wordpress blog you need to pay the hosting charges.
  • User can make money by monetizing the blog with GOOGLE Adsense or other Adsense providers. Also user can do other stuffs like affiliate marketing.
  • User can sell his services or even stocks on wordpress site by adding suitable plugins. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Just like Blogger, WordPress also have mobile application by which user can maintain the blogs.


Conclusion – Blogger is simple, easy and non-frustrating. So, Casual users should go for it.

WordPress provides a lot more flexibility, customization and options for the users. So, professional or serious bloggers should look at wordpress for the future.

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